Walled Manila

I brought my students to Intramuros 2 Saturdays ago. The group are my student in photography, and without the school’s permission. We went to learn something about location shooting, the actual way. Believe me, I discuss to the class possibly all that we could learn inside the classroom about “location shoots”. But one can never learn everything without doing the actual thing. So it hit me hard to bring them to a place worthy of their “D90 Nikon”, (pronounced as Naykon), and 7D Canon cameras. The hell with rules now. My students had to learn.

The last time i’ve been to Intramuros was when I attended the wedding of my former boss. The groom, is a grandson of one of the richest Chinese family in the Philippines. The moment I arrived at the Cathedral, I instantly utter the phrase “Anong ginagawa ko rito”.

It’s because, the place and occassion were full of “rich” taipan. I’ve never been comfortable being with rich people, much more with the “ultra rich”, much more with “rich Chinese”.

But that’s not the topic of my blog now. The last time I wrote on this scholarly blog was more than 2 years ago, coincidental with me working in The British School Manila. It also means that it’s been more than 2 years since I stop my masters course sa Unibersidad.

{Pity that the hostage taker pick a bus from Intramuros and turn that bus (full of Chinese tourist), into a hell both for the hostage and our nation.}

Instramuros was stuning as it was 5 or 6 years ago. The cathedral, which is the seat of power of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines, and possibly the first of it’s kind in Asia still holds it title as the “primary Cathedral” in the Country.

Destroyed during the bombing, only San Agustin Chruch in Intramuros remains the original structure (though the church itself undergone major renovations). Thre rest are reproduction or reconstructed from the original sturctures.

I also taken some photos. Attached are some of them.

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  1. ganda ng mga larawan… hello, tsinelas! :)

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