Bakit maraming fans ang Ginebra

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Posted on August 2008


I was asked these questions, many times.

“Bakit fan ka ng Ginebra?”

“Si Jaworski ba ang dahilan, si Bal David, si Mark Caguioa ba, o si Ronald Tubid?”

The first question was asked to me for 30,495 times. And almost all the time that I was asked, I just smile and say that I’m just a fan, and that’s it. I don’t want to be in an intellectual discussion, arguing about the emotional satisfaction (according to Sigmund Freud), the placement of the stars (astrology) in relation to my being a Baranggay Ginebra fan, or the social-relevance of being a Ginebra fan, and all those shits about life that scientist thinks makes the world go round.

And almost everytime that I was asked, they always thought it’s because of Jaworski.

Why do you have to ask someone why he’s a fan of a famous team? Do we need to have reason/s to be a fan of a basketball team?

Were you asked why did you use that brand of condom for preventing your generation to spill?

It’s not because of Jaworski. But it’s the team itself. Unlike the other team, that has followers because of one or two of their star players. This team has BAZILLIONS of followers because they just do.

There’s even a team before that recuits players mostly out of a famous UAAP team, a school where the wealthy students are studying. So their followers instantly are the followers of the UAAP team. But that didn’t stand very long, just recently the players that are from the UAAP team that plays with the PBA team got traded for players that never came from the wealthy school.

But not the Ginebra Kings, they always have the Baranggay with them. It’s not about just two or even three star players. If i am right, the Baranggay Ginebra Gin Kings when played by the likes of Bal David, Marlou Aquino, Vince Hizon, and other famous and talented players won only 1 championship. But still the fans, stick  with them. Even with or without Robert Jaworski. I even become a die hard fan, when Jaworski no longer played nor coached for the team.

But to just give in to the question. Sige na nga..

Ginebra has a lot of fans because it is the team of the People. The Proletarian, the Masa, or the working class. I guess you can’t understand it, or you will never understand for you may not be a part (by heart or by reality) of the Masa that the team played for .

I guess you won’t get it still, the team has a lot of fans becuase whenever the likes of the Bal David, Ronald Tubid, Mark Caguioa, Jay-jay Helterbrand, and Eric Menk scores; it’s as if the people already won. The Masa, the working class don’t have much in their life to celebrate. The team gives it to them. Whether the team won or not, seeing their team played in the hardcourt of Philippine basketball already gives them some things to celebrate.

And I think the fans of other teams will not really get it. Whether Ginebra won or lose to their teams, Ginebra still won. For Philippine basketball have always been an event celebrated by the people. Fortunately, Ginebra got the BAZILLIONS of them on their side.

As what the song from Gary Granada says..

“pagbigyan nyo na ako, kahit na kahit pano, gumaan ang nabibigatang puso.. pagbigyan nyo na ako.. sa munting hilig kong ito.. kung hindi baka mag-away pa tayo..”



  1. Renan

    maraming fans ang ginebra kasi isa na ako sa kanila…

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