Congrats Mavs!

Just days ago, Dallas beats Miami on their game 6 of the NBA title. I favoured Dallas.


Do not get me wrong.. I am 100% Lakers fan. Not because of Kobe, or any of their players now. I began following the team during James Worthy’s time in NBA. James Worthy was the famous slasher forward player of L.A. Lakers during the time of Magic Johnson. But even if James Worthy is no longer playing for the team years now. I still follow the team. Go Lakers.


Lakers is not in the finals now, but I am also a 100% NBA fan. I still follow the finals. Favouring Dallas.

Why Dallas? Basketball has always been a team sport. Not a personality sport. Big personality does make a league looks good. But it does not make a champion. Bringing in the biggest personality in the sport doesn’t make a champion.

Imagine a star player scoring 2 points in a fourth quarter of a hotly contested game, who does not shake hands with the opposing team everytime they lose. The result is a 4-2 win of the opposing team in the biggest basketball league of the Universe (if indeed this game is played only on Earth).

Even the “great” Michael Jordan told the media that Chicago Bulls would not have won the championship games without “Scotty Pippen and the rest of his teammates.”

Beating my favourite team Lakers, that tells me they will be the next champion.

And I am justified by the game six win.

Congratulation Mavericks.

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