It’s about time…

What can I say. Ano nga bang kababalaghan. Suddenly we are a “futbol country.”

This development is very much WELCOME.

Azkalz beat the Sri Lankan team 4-nil. In its home court, the Rizal Football Stadium in Manila. Sabi na nga ba. Yung goal ng Sri Lanka sa homefield nila ay tsamba lang. Sa itsura nung team talaga namang di nila tatalunin yung Azkalz.

Dahil sa panalo nila kahpaon ay medyo mataas yung morale ng Pinoy ngayon. At mas malayo pa ang mararating nila basata magpatuloy lang, kahit matalo pa minsan ang Azkalz kase habang nilalaro ng bayan natin ang sport na ito ay lalo namang humuhusay ang mga manlalaro natin.

Dominado ng Azkalz yung laro kahapon.

I actually like it when one of the Azkalz went head to head with one of Sri Lankan player. We need that intensity, we need that fighting spirit, and we need to show that to the world.

Just to describe the futbol field sa Sri Lanka. Sabi ng mga sports commentator baku-bako yung futbol field sa Sri Lanka. Meron pa kong narinig, para daw EDSA sa pagka baku-bako! Sorry pero kahit luma na yung Rizal Futbol Stadium, world class yung Futbol ground nya. Sabi nga ng isang sports commentator, yung grass/field ng Rizal Futbol Stadium can be used for a “Champions League.”

Sabi ng misis ko kahapon. Di daw nya inisip na suddenly we will be very busy with Futbol. Sagot ko sa kanya. It’s about time. Futbol is the World Sport, not basketball, not baseball, not any other sport. One cannot communicate effectively with the rest of the world if you are missing this great sport. It’s about time…

I am not saying that we will be dominating instantly and be a good Futbol country easily. Like any other country in almost every fields. No one started doing things and be the “Master” of it instantly. You need to work hard for it and earn it. Mastery can only be realized when you start something, and not stopping in earning it.

For sure we will loose. The English who claimed to be the modern inventor of this game did not even make it to the semi-finals of the last FIFA World Cup in South Africa. There lies the secret of winning. It’s in loosing.

It’s about time..

Go Philippine Azkalz..

Go Futbol Pilipinas..

Go Pilipinas..

Isang mapagpalayang araw sa inyo.

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