Paano.. PAANO? Nagtatanong lang!

Paano nga kaya?

Ang reported income ng chief Justice as per details mentioned sa Impeachment Trial ay higit kumulang sa Php 600,000. Ang misis ng kagalang-galang na chief justice ay hindi rin masyadong malaki keysa sa income ng chief justice. Kung nagkamali man ako ng dinig o pang-alala. sabihin natin Php1,000,000 per couple ang income.

Still, how in the world can they afford to buy a condominium purportedly valued at 14M (undervalued pa yata yon). Wala naman silang declared ‘other income.’ aside from that, there are still reported other properties, amounting to million of pesos also.

How in the world will you be able to buy those properties with such an income. if these details are TRUE.



Anak ng )(*&^%&..

Again, as per the trial both couple does not submit Income tax return to BIR. A simple employee submit ITR through the organization where he or she works.

A judge is supposed to be the epitome of being ‘just,’ much more a chief justice to be.. what? ‘totally unblemished?’

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  1. nasilaw sa kinang ng kalikasan.. bisitahin mo minsan ang tamabyan ok ha.. :)

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